The 60th Anniversary of Comrade Kim Jong Il Leadership

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Dear friends,

August 25 marks the 60th anniversary of the day when Comrade KIM JONG IL, chairperson of the DPRK National Defense Commission set the first footprint on the leadership over the revolutionary armed forces.

Korea-Asia Pacifc Exchange would like to brief the improtance of the day it takes in the development of the Korean revolution.

Comrade KIM JONG IL visited Seoul Ryu Kyong Su 105 Guards Tank Division. This was a historic event of great significance in bringing about radical changes in building up the revolutionary armed forces and in pushing ahead with developing all the fields of the socialist construciton including politics, economy and culture.

Comrade KIM JONG IL delivered undying feats before the times and history by leading the revolution and construction for ages.

Comrade KIM JONG IL attached singnificance to the position and role taken by the people's army in the socialist cause and developed the people's army into the one strong in ideology and faith. On the basis of this, he ensured that all the members of the society learned after the ideological morale of the people's army. Under his wise leadership, the country was permeated with the climate of defending the leader and implementing his orders at the cost of life which was typical of the people's army, thus raising the single-hearted unity centered on the leader to a higher level.

Comrade KIM JONG IL prioritized the military affairs as the top national affairs and directed utmost emphasis to enhance the national defense capabilities, turning our country into a powerful country possessed with the invincible military power. This all led to the prevention of the war on the Korean peninsula and defending the national soverignty as well as providing peace in the region and the world.

Besides Comrade KIM JONG IL step up with the overall socialist construction by dint of the revolutionary traits and fighting capacity of the people's army, so as to lay the firm foundations for the prosperity of the state.

He ensured that the people's army play the role of the vanguard and shock brigade in the socialist construction and all the members of the society modelled after the people's army in terms of atmosphere of creation. As a result, a number of monumental edifices were erected all over the country and a radical turn was made in reforming the national land while launching the campaign of pulling behind the cutting-edge frontier so as to be superior to the world.

Under the wise leadership of Comrade KIM JONG IL, the DPRK made miraculous achievements in politics, economy and culture despite of the nuclear threats and sanctions by the hostile forces. On the other hand, the countries that seek the approval of the great powers and even the ones hostile towards us rushed to Pyongyang to set up the diplomatic relations.

Today the revolutionary history and exploits of Comrade KIM JONG IL are shining under the leadership of Comrade KIM JONG Un, chairperson of the DPRK State Affairs Commission.

The people's army are highly strong in political and military might and great events are happening successively one after another, giving national pride and confidence to the Korean people.

Believing that you will extend constant support and solidarity with the Korean people in their efforts to build a socialist thriving country and safeguarding the peace and security on the Korean peninsula and the region, we hope that you are able to issue statements and engage in acitivites on the Internet on this occasion.

Many thanks.
Korea-Asia Pacific Exchange

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