Our Thought will Always with Comrade Kim Jong Il

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Our dearest comrades,

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Today we are commemorating the demise of H.E. General Kim Jong Il. We would like to invite you to a moment of silent and put our mind to memorize and recollect his wisdom and teaching, and to learn from all good endeavors and manners that he performed during his life.

Undoubtedly, Comrade Kim Jong Il was one of the best leaders that the world ever had in our history. Comrade Kim Jong Il assigned the national interest and the will of the people on top of his political struggle policy through out his leadership. His mind stayed always with his people.

Our beloved Comrade Kim Jong Il led Korean people to achieve their goal as nation-state with dignity. It is his legacy that now is being continued by H.E. Kim Jong Un.

We believe that we learn a lot from General Kim Jong Il inspiring work in protection his people and developing his county.

Our thought will always with him.

Long live Korea!

Rachmawati Soekarnoputri
The Patron of the Indonesia-DPRK Friendship Association

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