Report: We Pray for the Immortality of Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il

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ON the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the demise great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il an Asia Pacific regional E-seminar on the brilliant exploits of great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il was held in Karachi on 17th December 2014 (Juche 103) under the auspices of Asia-Pacific Regional Memorial Committee.

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Portrait of President KIM IL SUNG and great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il were hanged on the platform a banner regarding the E-Seminar was put on the stage while the following three banners were displayed in the meeting hall.  Three flower baskets were put before the portrait of great leaders on behalf of the participants.

1. "The name of great Leader Comrade KIM JONG IL will shine forever"

2. "Great leader President Kim Il Sung and Comrade Kim Jong Il will always be with us"

3. "We pray for the immortality of Great Leader Comrade KIM JONG IL."

A documentary film about Korea was scanned and photo and book exhibitions were displayed.

The following countries participated in the E-seminar and send their speeches which were read out in the meeting Pakistan, Mongolia, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Iran, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Australia (3 persons), New Zealand, Indonesia and Philippines.

The speaker were in view that Comrade Kim Jong Il dedicated all his life to the inheritance and accomplishment of the revolutionary cause of Juche and energetically worked day and night for the prosperity of socialist homeland, happiness of people, reunification of the country and global independence. They expressed that he passed away too suddenly to our profound regret.

The speakers were certain that today the songun idea and songun revolutionary leadership are being carried forward by respected leader Comrade KIM JONG UN who taught that Songun means our independence, dignity and lifeblood. This is lesson that is bequeathed to us by great leader Comrade KIM JONG IL who we remember and revere as the great leader of the 21st century.

The meeting unanimously adopted a letter to H.E Respected leader Comrade Kim Jong Un on behalf of the Asia Pacific Regional E-seminar  on the immortal achievements of H.E Kim Jong Il a letter of appeal to the world progressive people was also approved (Enclosed).

In the end two minutes silence was observed in the memory of great leader Comrade KIM JONG IL. KawanKorea

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