Letter of Appeal to the World Progressive People

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Today, the world progressive people are all highly praising His Excellency KIM JONG IL for the achievements he performed for the development of history and the happiness of mankind.

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By dint of his unrivaled ideological and theoretical wisdom and leadership KIM JONG IL constantly enriched and developed the Juche idea authored by President KIM IL SUNG and adopted the original Songun Politics to strengthen the national power of Korea to the highest level, and set a good example to the world in  building a new society where the ideal of mankind is being realized.

With iron will and courage, he safeguarded justice and peace of the world from the strong-arm policy and high-handedness of the imperialist allied forces and made undying contributions to the cause of global independence, thus brightening the future of the world people aspiring after independence.

KIM JONG IL, possessed of boundless love for human being, enforced the benevolent politics, gripping the hearts of all people, and heightened the human dignity and value to the top and devoted all his life to the human emancipation.

Indeed, he was an outstanding thinker and theoretician, great statesman, brilliant commander of Songun and affectionate father of the people who rendered his imperishable services to the building of a thriving Korea and to the realization of global independence.

We, the participants in the Asia-Pacific Regional E-Seminar on the Immortal Achievements of His Excellency KIM JONG IL which was held in Karachi, Pakistan, on December 17, 2014, to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of his demise,

Regarding the immortal contributions KIM JONG IL made to the times and mankind through his life, as the most precious heritage guaranteeing justice and peace of the world and the victorious advance of the cause for human independence,

Reaffirming that it is a unanimous desire and aspirations of the world progressive people to hold him in high esteem as the great sun of the 21st century, as he made tremendous contributions to the sacred cause of peace and security of the world, and progress and prosperity of mankind,

Stressing that the great idea and cause of KIM JONG IL are invariably being carried forward by His Excellency KIM JONG UN, who has such unparalleled political capabilities and traits as a great man, and that  the cause of the thriving nation-building in Korea and the global independence will certainly emerge victorious as long as it enjoys his leadership,

Appeal to the world progressive people as follows;

A: To launch continuously various forms of national, regional and international activities dedicated to His Excellency KIM JONG IL who led the world trend of politics to create a new history of justice and peace, with his most scientific and original political philosophy for the era of independence and distinguished arts of leadership.

History remembers not a few great men but has not found such a peerless patriot and great statesman as great H.E KIM JONG IL who sacrificed his whole life for glorifying his country and contributing to peace and security of the world and progress of mankind.

Let us take various occasions and possibilities to stage all forms of activities more briskly in accordance with the given situation - gathering, film show, photo and book exhibition, lecture meeting, get-together, forum, and the publication of statement and press release, and the contribution of articles, and so on - in praise of his great life and and immortal exploits noteworthy in the history of the world politics.

B. To give wide publicity to the achievements of the Korean people who are translating KIM JONG IL's lifelong desire and intentions into reality and extend the consistent support and solidarity to them in their endeavor for it.

His great ideas and cause are uninterruptedly succeeded to by Respected His Excellency KIM JONG UN and the efforts of the Korean people to build a socialist thriving nation and  reunify the country independently and peacefully are wining   consistent support and sympathy from among the world progressive people.

a) To form preparatory committees for the celebration of the auspicious holidays of the Korean people - the 70th founding anniversary of the Workers'Party of Korea and the 70th anniversary of Korea's liberation - next year in different countries and regions, and conduct political and cultural activities more energetically, introducing and praising the realities of Songun Korea founded by President KIM IL SUNG and glorified by His Excellency KIM JONG IL, and send the delegations to the celebration events in Pyongyang on these occasions, thereby creating a festive mood increasingly on an  international level.

b) Let us set the period from June to October as the "Solidarity Period for Supporting the Independent and Peaceful Reunification of Korea," as next year will observe the 15th anniversary of the publication of the historic June 15 Joint Declaration and the 35th anniversary of the presentation of the proposal for the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo, and wage solidarity movement in support of the just cause of the Korean people who are trying to reunify the country independently and peacefully under the ideal of "By our nation itself," upholding the banner of the three-point charter of national reunification formulated by KIM JONG IL.

c) Let us launch the activities on a large scale to introduce to the world the true appearance of Korea where the dream and desire of mankind are being realized to live and develop independently free from domination, subjugation and inequalities, and to disclose the unreasonableness and illegality of the anti-DPRK “human rights” campaign staged by the United States and its allies and their other vicious and hostile policy towards the DPRK.

As in the past, so in the future, too, we will continue to launch the friendship and solidarity movement more vigorously in support of  the Korean people in their just cause and make positive contributions to ensuring peace and security on the Korean peninsula and the rest of the world.

The idea and achievements of His Excellency KIM JONG IL will be immortal forever.

Long live friendship and solidarity with the Korean people.

Asia-Pacific Regional E-Seminar on the Immortal Achievements of His Excellency KIM JONG IL

December 17th, 2014
Karachi, Pakistan

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