The 75th Founding Anniversary of the Glorious Workers' Party of Korea

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Dear friends,

The Korean Committee for Solidarity with the World People would like to pay sincere respects and extend warm greetings to you who are exerting constant efforts to bring about peace and stability in the countries, regions and the world, and to build an equal new world amid the global health crisis.

On coming October 10th, the Korean people are greeting the 75th founding anniversary of the glorious Workers' Party of Korea, organizer and guider of all the victories of the Korean people, with splendour.

Many progressive political parties defending interests of the working popular masses emerged in the history of mankind. However, it is the sole yet invincible Workers' Party of Korea which has preserved its character, traditions and cause until today of spanning over half a century, served faithfully for its people and formed an integral whole with them.

The tremendous efforts and great exploits the Workers' Party of Korea made and performed to safeguard peace and security on the Korean peninsula, its regions and the rest of the world and to realize the cause for global independence led it to be a lighthouse of hope for the entire anti-imperialist independent forces of the world, thereby enjoying open-hearted welcome and support of the progressive peoples of the world.

Firstly, the Workers' Party of Korea has consistently adhered to and embodied revolutionary principle in the whole course of implementing the socialist cause since its founding day.

The Workers' Party of Korea has established, consolidated and developed a socialist system in keeping with independent demands, interests of the popular masses and its intrinsic nature of the independent cause, and put forward lines and policies to suit peoples' aspirations and its actual conditions at every step of revolution and construction, and thus led the socialist cause straight ahead to the road of victory.

The Korean people witnessed the actual experiences and placed it as their unshakable faith in which victory and glory lay in store as ever only when they trust the Workers' Party of Korea.

Secondly, the Workers' Party of Korea formed an integral whole of the society, the ripe fruit of which even a party of other countries can never imitate, thus drawing an admiration of the international community.

As the 70-year-odd history of the Workers' Party of Korea shows, WPK reflected the aspirations and demands of a broad popular masses on a single line and policy, and regarded the principle of defending peoples' interests and improving peoples' living standards without letup as its supreme one of its activities, thereby winning absolute trust of its people.

The leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea led the Korean people to enjoy an independent, creative and worthwhile life to the full and to experience themselves the value of the party which provided it to them. Due to this, even when an intensive anti-socialism campaign of the imperialist allied forces and  a series of natural disasters fell the Korean people to suffer from immeasurable difficulties and hardships, a slight anti-governmental chaos or social upheaval failed to occur in the DPRK running counter to the expectations of the western countries, but it rather cemented a single-hearted unity of the whole society with the Party as its core.

And the Workers' Party of Korea has adhered to the principle of anti-imperialist independence and encourages the cause of the global anti-imperialist independence with its paradigm.

The past 75 years since its founding and activities were a period of when confrontation between socialism and imperialism, peace-loving forces and war forces took place in an acute manner. In the early 1950s just after a few years since its founding, the Workers' Party of Korea led the 3-years-Korean War to the victory by defeating the U.S. which was boasting of its "world supremacy", thus ushering in a new upsurge of the anti-imperialist and anti-U.S. struggle, and stamping out the military threat and economic blockade, ideological and cultural campaign of the imperialists, persisted over a half century, at every step to advance the socialist cause on a steady basis.

The history of the Workers' Party of Korea is the course in which contributed to openning up a road to safeguard and advance the socialist cause and putting the unity with socialist countries and revolutionary parties on a new footing, and thereby enlarged and strengthened anti-imperialist forces.

So on the occasion of the founding day of the Workers' Party of Korea, the Korean people and the progressive peoples of the world extend the highest tribute to great Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, who founded and led WPK to the ever victory, and the heartfelt congratulations and regards to Comrade Kim Jong Un, chairman of the WPK.

Availing itself of this opportunity, the Korean Committee for Solidarity with the World People would like to express its appreciation to the friends of the world who are sending the warmest congratulations and support to the Korean people who are greeting the WPK founding day.

The Korean Committee for Solidarity with the World People, as the same as before, will further strengthen mutual cooperation, support and solidarity with all the friends of the world in the common struggle to establish global peace and genuine international justice in the future, too.

Sincerely yours. []

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