Our Plan of Scattering Leaflets Against the South

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Dear friends,

Warm greetings from Pyongyang!

Regarding the south Korean authorities expressed "regret" at our plan of scattering leaflets against the south and required to stop it immediately on June 20th, spokesman of the United Front Department of WPK Central Committee made public a talk on June 21st.

The talk noted that they should look back who first ignited a fuse of inter-Korean collision and perpetrated and connived  before making issues of our plan of scattering leaflets against the south as the belated such principle as so-called violation.

The talk made it clear; firstly, the whole world knows well how this irreversible and undeniable "balloon incident" happened, and secondly, the struggle of scattering leaflets against the south being planned in reflection of the unanimous will of the entire Korean people will be neither binded nor considered by any agreement or principle.

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The Korean people have no mercy on debasing the noblest dignity and prestige of our supreme leadership and we will make them cost dearly.

We are fully convinced of that the peace-loving people of the world would be well aware of who blames for the inter-Korean relations being driven to catastrophe and render support and solidarity to the our just measures against all the hostile forces destroying justice and peace.

Yours sincerely,

Korean Committee for Solidarity with the World People

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