70 Years Ago from Now, the Korean War Broke Out

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Dear friends,

ON June 25,1950, 70 years ago from now, the Korean war broke out.

The imperialist aggression forces led by the US imperialists started an aggressive war to stifle our young Republic only two years after its foundation. They mobilised enormous forces and war equipment and turned the whole country into ashes. They didn't hesitate to commit large-scale inhumane crimes unprecedented in the world during the war.

But they couldn't depress the spirit of our people who had  rissen up to defend the fatherland-soil for their true life.

In the 3-year fierce war, the Korean people gloriously defended the freedom and independence of motherland and gave full play to the dignity and  spirit of the Republic by defeating the aggressors with an unbending spirit of safeguarding the motherland.

Thus, the imperialist rallied force had no way but fell on their knees and signed the Armistice Agreement tentamount to their surender documents.

After signing the Armistice Agreement, the DPR of Korea has been steady in suggesting replacement of the Armistice Agreement by the Peace Treaty for termination of the war and constant peace. But those forces displeased with this sugguestion have doggedly turned away their faces from it.

After the historic June 12 DPRK-US Joint Statement, the US has been running amuck to reverse the road of the DPRK and to provide the conditions for realising the ambition of "disarming first, overthrowing the system next".

Every facts show that true peace and security can't be secured on the Korean Peninsula forever as long as the US hostile policy towards the DPRK persists.

We believe that the peace-loving, justice-loving Asia-Pacific Regional Committee for Peaceful Reunification of Korea and other solidarity organizations in Asia have a correct understanding of the situation in the Korean Peninsula and extend support and solidarity to the Korean people's just struggle.


Korea-Asia Pacific Exchange
June 22, 2020, Pyongyang

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