The South Korean Authorities Have Resorted to Pro-US and Big Power Worship

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Dear friends,

This is to update on the current inter-Korean relations as of today.

First of all, for the last 2 years, the south Korean authorities have resorted to pro-US and big power worship instead of national independence. This led to continual war games and purchase of cutting-edge weapons of astronomical value by south Korea, as desired by the US, all of which was blatant violation of north-south agreements. Especially, they interrelate inter-Korean relations with DPRK-US ones and put north-south exchanges and cooperation within the precondition of the "framework of sanctions."

Yet the south Korean authorities have shifted the responsibility for disruption of the inter-Korean relations onto our shoulders and are making execuses to say nothing of apology for, reflection on and prevention of leaflet-scattering by the "defectors from north" who dared to defame our chairperson of State Affairs Commission, the dignity and representative of the DPRK.

In reflection of the will of the DPRKoreans in a rage, the north-south co-office for liaison situated in Kaesong Industrial Park was blown to bits in the afternoon of June 16. Besides, the south Korean authorities suggested the dispatch of their special envoys on June 15, but this was also not permitted by us.

Kim Yo Jong, first vice department director warned the south Korean authorities that they should compensate by proper practical acts rather than making a gesture of doing anything opting for an unrealistic proposal like dispatch of special envoys, and it will be more practical to behave themselves by strictly supervising and checking the words and behaviours of the stupid who are failing to see the current situation and are getting on our nerves by putting oil to the fire.

The director of the United Front Deparment of the Central Committee of the Workers Party of Korea gave a statement today, saying that there will be no more exchange and cooperation with the south Korean authorities and they will never sit together.

The spokesman of the General Staff of the Korean People's Army announced once again on June 17 that the army will give thoroughgoing backing to every type of internal and external measures taken by the Party and the government.

It is our position that the current crisis between north and south which was caused due to incapability and irresponsibility of the south Korean authorities cannot be settled with whatsover and can it be ended only when it is correctly paid for what was done.

In this context, your single word or sentence can highly appreciated  by our people. Believing that you will resolutely stand on our side, we will keep in close touch with you.

Best regards.

Korea-Asia Pacific Exchange

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