History of the Great Leader Continues

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WORLDWIDE, a number of personages left their names in history for their exploits, noble virtues and excellent mode of politics. After their death, however, their aims and exploits were almost forgotten; few of them enjoy as much respect as they did in their lifetime. However laudable, their achievements are remembered merely as a historical story after they died. To put it briefly, memories of a famous person fade away with the passage of time.

But this is not the case with President Kim Il Sung.

In the first half of the 20th century, when Korea was a colony of Japan, he waged a long, bloody struggle to win back its national sovereignty. After the country’s liberation on August 15, 1945, he founded the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and developed it into a genuine people’s country and independent power.

He was a world-renowned statesman who rendered both material and moral support to third-world countries in building new society and made a great contribution to the struggles for independence including the non-aligned movement.

He passed away on July 8, 1994, but his history still continues.

The Juche idea authored by him and his theories are still applied by the DPRK in its building and activities; his books are read by all the citizens.

His life-long motto was affection for the people and the spirit of independence.

Believing in the people as in heaven, he devoted his all to their wellbeing till the last moment of his life.

By adhering to the principle of independence in the building of the state and its activities, he repudiated dominationism and rendered an immortal contribution to building an independent, new world.

Today the DPRK does everything as intended by the President. The people-first principle is the state’s political ideal; the country maintains the principles of independence in politics, self-sufficiency in the economy and self-reliance in national defence.

He is held in high esteem as the eternal leader and benevolent father of the Korean people.

Mosaic murals depicting the smiling leader and the towers dedicated to his immortality are seen all over the country.

With boundless yearning for him, all the people visit his statues and murals on his birthday and other significant occasions.

They love singing songs in praise of him and telling stories about his devotion to the country.

Measures have been taken for handing down his exploits to posterity and preserving all the places associated with his activities to be used for the purpose of recollecting and learning from him.

In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the political history of the world and of his internationalist activities, orders and medals have been conferred on him by many countries even after his death. Also, the April Spring Friendship Art Festival is held on a large scale on the occasion of his birthday, attended by artistes from around the world. [KK]

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