DPRK 70th Anniversary

DPR Korea is the Wonder of the World

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First of all I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the organizers of the E-Seminar for giving me the opportunity to deliver my written presentation on tremendous and glorious successes achieved by DPR Korea for last 70 years.

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As we know the Korean peninsula was occupied by Japanese imperialist forces in 1905. In order to perpetuate their colonial rule they killed, jailed and tortured thousands of people who opposed their brutal rule. The Japanese forces plundered the Korean wealth and destroyed the economy of the country. The heroic Korean people started resistance struggle against the occupation forces.

But due to lack of correct leadership and guidance anti Japanese struggle did not get momentum. Later Comrade Kim Il Sung joined the struggle and guided it in right direction. He emerged as an outstanding political and military leader in a short span of time. Under his initiative Korean People’s Army (KPA) was formed.

This was a significant event in the anti-Japanese struggle. The KPA and the people under the wise leadership of great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung liberated whole of Korea on 15 August 1945. But one of the saddest incidents of Korean history took place soon after the country achieved independence. The Korea was divided into two.

The U.S imperialist forces occupied southern part of Korea and formed a puppet government there. Great leader President Kim Il Sung tried relentlessly to reunify the divided country. But this was not happened. The great leader founded Democratic People’s Republic Korea in the northern part of the country on 9 September 1948.

This was an epoch-making event in the history of the world. At the same time this was the beginning of the building of a mighty and modern socialist state. But this was disrupted when U.S imperialist forces and their allies attacked DPR Korea in1950. The war lasted for three years and the enemies were defeated by the heroic Korean people of DPR Korea under the wise leadership of President Kim Il Sung.

The U.S imperialist forces turned the whole of DPR Korea into ashes. The imperialist forces thought that the government of DPR Korea could not succeed to rebuild the devastated country. Really it was a great challenge for the government of DPR Korea. But President Kim Il Sung took the challenge and started massive construction work including building independent socialist economy.

The whole world noticed with great surprise that how a war devastated country was reconstructed within a short span of time. This was possible due to successful implementation of the immortal Juche idea and pragmatic leadership of the great leader President Kim Il Sung. For the first time DPR Korea emerged as the wonder of the world.

The country was not only reconstructed, the socialist economy was further strengthened. The government under the leadership of Workers’ Party of Korea gave emphasis on the enhancing the standard of living of the people. The demand of the people for food, clothes, treatment, education and shelter were guaranteed. Free universal education was introduced.

The on-going development march further got momentum when comrade Kim Jong Il started working in the Workers’ Party of Korea. Within a short of span of time he emerged as a true successor of the great leader President Kim Il Sung. During the rule of President Kim Il Sung the DPR Korea was known as the “Paradise on the Earth.”

After the sad demise of President Kim Il Sung the Korean people and Party gave the responsibility to Comrade Kim Jong Il to run the country. Under his leadership the Korean people achieved tremendous successes in all fields of development than ever. People’s standard of living further enhanced. People were leading a happy and prosperous life.

Comrade Kim Jong Il emphasized on building the defense system of the country on solid base. Under his guidance the Korean scientists were able to make nuclear bomb. This was another epoch-making event of Korean history. The US imperialism and its alleys got afraid due to this event and imposed economic sanctions against DPR Korea.

They thought that DPR Korea would collapse due economic sanctions. But that was not happened. The ongoing development march of the Korean people was continued as before under the sagacious leadership of the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il. For the second time DPR Korea emerged as the wonder of the world.

After the sad demise of Comrade Kim Jong Il Marshal Kim Jong Un came to power. The imperialist world began to clamor that ongoing development march of DPR Korea would come into end because the young leader is not efficient as President Kim Il Sung and Comrade Kim Jong Il.

They were living in the paradise of fools. They noticed with great surprise that the ongoing development march of the Korean people were not only continuing as before but getting stronger day by day. Six years have passed since Marshal Kim Jong Un came to power.

During this short period of time tremendous changes took place in socialist economy, defense system, education, agriculture, science and technology, industry etc. Under his wise guidance Korean scientists successfully launched satellite and placed it in the orbit.

The greatest achievement of the Korean scientists during this period was successful making of hydrogen bomb. For the third time DPR Korea emerged as the wonder of the world. Thank to Marshal Kim Jong Un for ranking DPR Korea as a hydrogen possessor country.

This incident evoked fear among imperialist forces and their allies. They have tightened economic sanctions than ever. But socialist ongoing march did not stop, rather strengthening day by day. Everyday new structures are being erected everywhere in the country.

The new international airport which was built as per design of Marshal Kim Jong Un is one of the beautiful airports in the world. Everyday Pyongyang city is getting new look. The Government is giving utmost importance in enhancing people’s standard of life. The people are leading happy and prosperous life under the warm care of Marshal Kim Jong Un.

The U.S imperialism and its allies are striving their best to undermine DPR Korea. They are threatening to attack the country. I strongly believe that they will not dare to do this. Because the Korean army is capable enough to frustrate any attempt of imperialist forces. Moreover, DPR Korea possess hydrogen bomb.

I would like to conclude my presentation to say that DPR Korea will remain as the wonder of the world forever.

Long live DPR Korea!
Long live great philosophical ideas of President Kim Il Sung and Comrade Kim Jong Il!
Long Live Marshal Kim Jong Un! [kk]

M. Qamrul Huda

Honorary Chairman & Permanent Advi
sorBangladesh Institute of Juche IdeaDirector, Asian Region
al Institute of Juche Idea (ARIJI)

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