DPRK 70th Anniversary

Three-Point Strategy of Kim Jong Un

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How come the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has remained undisturbed for scores of years even under the US-led imperialist forces' blockade and sanctions that remind people of the blockade of Leningrad? Why does not a war break out on the Korean peninsula, the hottest spot in the world? What is the key to the DPRK's advance towards a powerful nation under the worst situation? Whenever these questions are raised, what is dealt with first is the political strategy of Supreme Leader KIM JONG UN.

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In his speech at the military parade and public procession of the Pyongyang citizens held on October 10, Juche 104(2015) in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Workers' Party of Korea, he declared that by continuing to hold fast to the three-point strategy of attaching importance to the people, to the army and to young people as its foremost weapon, the WPK will advance forward vigorously towards final victory.

Attaching Importanc to the People:
Source of Strength that Neutralizes Sanctions and Blockade

The northern areas of the DPRK that had been suddenly devastated by flooding were turned into a socialist fairyland in 60-odd days, and last year Ryomyong Street has been built in Pyongyang. These achievements, made despite the tough sanctions and blockade by the US, are inconceivable apart from the single-hearted unity of the Korean society.

The secret of rallying the people to form a community in which they share destiny and displaying the invincible might of their single-hearted unity is KIM JONG UN's politics of prioritizing, respecting and loving the people.

His political ideal is people-first principle, his politics is people-centred politics the principle and criterion of his work are to give absolute priority to people's interests and convenince, and his objective is to realize their dreams and ideals on the highest level possible.

This is illustrated by the slogan he advanced, "Everything for the people, and everything by relying on them."

He took a chairlift on a trial run at the Masikryong Ski Resort and went up to the 70th floor of a skyscraper on Ryomyong Street which was not yet completed, in order to confirm their durability and people's happiness. He visits all places where people live to ensure that they live a happy life; travelling by air, by sea and then by land he went to an edge of the country to take care of the flood victims. He personally took charge of the children with no parents and the elderly with no supporter and provided them with places for happy living. He is, indeed, the saviour of the destiny of the Korean people, the centre of their unity and the propellant of their matchless strength with which they work miracles.

The Korean people are convinced that as long as he guides them, they are not afraid of any sanctions and blockade and they can break through all the difficulties of history. And thanks to the strength of these people, to the might of their single-hearted unity, the DPRK is invincible.

Attaching Importance to the Army:
Deterrent of Justice That Neutralizes the Nuke of Tyranny

Korea was under military occupation of Japan for 40 years, experiencing the destiny of a ruined nation. After its liberation, it suffered a three-year war ignited by the US. And then it has experienced the US schemes for a new war and nuclear blackmail for decades.

From its historical experiences and through the lessons of Iraq, Libya and other countries that had been trampled upon by the US high-handedness and aggression, the DPRK came to keenly realize the truth that its right to existence and independence and the regional and global peace can be guaranteed only by powerful self-defence capabilities.

In order to cope with the increasing nuclear threat by the US, Supreme Leader KIM JONG UN put forward the line of simultaneously carrying on economic construction and upbuilding of the nuclear forces. In pursuance of this line, the DPRk possessed nuclear weapons with which to put an end to the scores-of-years-long nuclear threat by the US and neutralize the nuke of the tyranny.

His invariable principle of attaching importance to arms and ceaseless on-site guidance at military units have developed the Korean People's Army into an elite force that is capable of fighting any type of modern warfare, and the country's defence industry produces sophisticated means of military strike including ICBM by relying on their own efforts and technology.

Having turned the US nuclear threat against his country into his country's nuclear threat against the US,         KIM JONG UN, even in dangerous situations in which the US brings war clouds over the Korean peninsula, gives field guidance to construction sites and economic sectors to improve the people's standard of living.

The prospect of the DPRK's policy of giving importance to arms is clear: it will continue to build up its self-defence capability, the pivot of which is the nuclear forces, and its capability for preemptive strike as long as the US does not stop its nuclear war games it stages at the doorstep of the country, and it will never give up its nuclear weapons in defence of its rights to existence and independence as long as the imperialists do not give up their nuclear weapons for aggression and war and the more the US intensifies its schemes of nuclear preemptive strike, the more it will strengthen its harder-line countermeans.

Attaching Importance to Young People:
Firm guarantee of the Future of the Nation

KIM JONG UN said that a source of unique pride for the WPK is the large contigent of young people who have been trained to shoulder the future of the revolution and the nation, and the WPK, forseeing the protracted nature of the revolution in the initial period after its founding, had made it a strategic line to attach importance to young people.

Young people in the DPRK are praised as flowers of the country and nation, the most vigorous vanguard force of society, when their counterparts in other countries are regarded as a source of social trouble.

What is most characteristic of them is that they are thoroughly armed with the ideas of their Supreme Leader and are ready to dedicate their lives in defence of him, and carry out his plans and lines at any cost. Those who threw themselves into fire without hesitation to rescue the portraits of their leaders, those who are performing feats on all fronts of national defence and socialist construction, those who look after the children with no parents, those who voluntter to teach at schools in hard-of-access mountain villages and far-flung islands-they are all young people.

Their training to be strong in ideas and faith, into a large contingent of excellent persons and vanguard in the building of a powerful socialist nation is fruition of      KIM JONG UN's special affection for and trust in them and his politics of attaching importance to them.

When he visited the construction site of the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station in the biting cold in the northern region KIM JONG UN lavished affection and trust on the youth builders, encouraging them to further display the heroic fighting spirit, indomitable mettle and matchless strength and devotion.

The young people are rallied as one behind their Supreme Leader, entrusting their destiny to him, and have formed a bulwark in defence of socialism.

The future of socialist Korea, a youth power, is bright. [kk]

Dr. Chanai Longon
Thai-Korea Friendship Association of Thailand (TKFAT)

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