DPRK 70th Anniversary

The Road the DPR Korea Will Follow For Ever

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Following the road of independence, Songun and socialism is the eternal strategy of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), founded by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG after liberating it from the Japanese colonial rule and we are proud that we are celebrating the precious birthday of our respected Comrade KIM IL SUNG which falls on April 15 every year. This is a reflection of the steel-strong will of the people of the DPRK.

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I feel much proud to take part in this e-Seminar being held in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia dedicated to President KIM IL SUNG by memorizing his greatness and immortal contributions to the entire progressive people of the world.  While celebrating the day of the Sun together with the Korean people and with the progressive and peace-loving people of the world, I have the honor to say the followings on DPR Korea which was not possible without the farsighted leadership of the three Generals of Mt. Paekdu.

The viability of independence, Songun and socialism has been proved in the modern history of the country.

The DPRK was built and advanced on the strength of independence.

The government, from its first days, has adhered to the stand of independence and formulated all its lines and policies in conformity to the specific situation in the country and the demands of its people.

When building a new society after its liberation (August 1948) from Japanese military occupation, the country opted for the road of progressive democracy of the Korean style, not the style of any other country, and for the line of building an independent national economy.

When everything was reduced to ashes during the Korean war(1950-1953), it held fast to the original line of economic construction-giving priority to the development of heavy industry and developing light industry and agriculture simultaneously and advocated the line of building an independent national economy by rejecting the pressure of the outside forces that were attempting to enroll it in the COMECON.

When socialism was imploding in the Soviet Union and the countries, the country remained unperturbed and invariably followed the road of socialism.

Most recently, the US and its followers, in an attempt to check the DPRK from growing stronger, picked a quarrel with its announcement to launch a peaceful satellite and kicked up a racket for international “sanctions”, however, it launched the satellite, and to cope with the challenges of the hostile forces, it took such a resolute measure ass advancing the line of conducting building up its nuclear forces and economic construction simultaneously.

The world realized once again that the DPRK is thoroughgoing in its independent stand, that it would not flinch even a little whoever says what on the road of achieving the country’ s prosperity and defending the nation’s supreme interests.

It is quite natural that the people of the DPRK, who have learned the truth that independence is their dignity and victory, will follow that road invariably.

The DPRK has emerged victorious and demonstrated its dignity on the strength of independence.

In the Korean War the young DPRK repulsed the armed invasion by the US, self-styled “strongest” country in the world, defending with honour its sovereignty and dignity. During the 65 years after the war it frustrated the ceaseless military threat and aggressive moves by the US at each step, registering only victory. It was possible because it had directed primary effort to building up its military capability under banner of independence.

In the closing years of the 20th century the allied imperialists forces, availing themselves of the collapsed of socialism in several countries, directed the spearhead of their anti-socialist offensive at the DPRK. The country, in turn, held the banner of independence higher and made its military capability invincible.

The Korean People’s Army has now become a matchless army, strong in ideology and faith and prepared for both attack and defense. The DPRK is equipped with a powerful war deterrent, with which it can deal an annihilatory blow at those who dare to provoke it wherever they are.

As long as the people of the DPRK hold aloft the banner of independence invariably, no force in the world will be able to check their advance.

The DPRK is thoroughgoing socialist state and centred on the masses.

In the country the masses exercise their rights as masters in all domains of social life, the socialist ownership and collectivist principle are being maintained, and the whole country is brimming over with respect and love for the people, the principle of giving definite precedence to people’ s interests and convenience and  regarding them as being absolute.

Exploitation and oppression of man by man, the phenomenon of rich getting richer and poor getting poorer and other social problems cannot be found, and the people are supplied by the state and society with everything they need in the living. Taxation has long been abolished, and all the working people choose their jobs according to their wishes and aptitudes, and these jobs are guaranteed by the state.

The state also builds houses at its own expense and provides them to the people free of charge. It enforces universal 12-year compulsory education, free medical care, and other people-oriented policies.

Today they are striving to build theirs into a thriving socialist country, a civilized socialist country, where their wishes and dreams would be realized. Eye-opening successes are being achieved in the space science and other frontier science sectors, and the economy, based on latest scientific and technological achievements, is developing by leap and bounds.

The Munsu Water Park, Masikryong Ski Resort, Songdowon International Children’s Camp and other world-class bases for the cultural and emotional life of the masses have sprung up one after another in various parts of the country, which resound with people’ s laughter of happiness, with their cheers for socialism.

Can they abandon this kind of socialism of themselves?

The road of independence, Songun and socialism is the road the people of the DPRK will follow forever.   

Long Live eternal President KIM IL SUNG!
Long Live the great Juche Idea and Songun Policy!

Good Health and Long-Life to H.E. Marshal KIM JONG UN! [kk]

Phanindra Raj Pant
General Secretary
Nepal-Korea Friendship Association,
Secretary, President KIM IL SUNG and Comrade KIM JONG IL
National Memorial Commission, Nepal

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