DPRK 70th Anniversary

Leading Korea to a Prosperous Tomorrow

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I have the honor to take part in the Internet forum  on the theme “A glorious seventy years of development history and DPRK” held in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia under the co-name of the Asia & Pacific Region Committee and the Indonesia-DPRK Friandly Cultural Exchange Association for supporting the peaceful reunification of Korea on the occasion of 70th Anniversary of Founding of DPR Korea.

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President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il accomplished most successful political achievement noteworthy in the history of shaping the destiny of humankind by authoring and developing the immortal Juche Idea, the great guiding ideology in the era of independence.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, carrying forward their cause, is leading his country to a prosperous tomorrow.

The US and its vassal forces have tenaciously resorted to sanctions and pressure against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for several decades. Instead of yielding, the DPRK is countering the sanctions resolution with harder line, and achieving miraculous successes in building a powerful socialist country.

People in the world wonder how the country could defend its own sovereignty for several decades and now leap forward to achieve the status of a socialist power, standing face to face with the imperialists and dominationists.

Many of them, who have visited the country, ascribe the reason to the leaders of the country.

President Kim Il Sung , founding father of socialist Korea, was the greatest of great men, who was recognized by the world. Jimmy Carter, former president of the United States, stated that President Kim Il Sung was greater than George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln, the most illustrious early US presidents, all combined.

Francois Mitterrand, former president of France, said that President Kim Il Sung was a great head of state, and that he was the greatest of great men, who were active in the present era from the days after the Second World War.

Chairman Kim Jong Il was a peerless great man, who defended and added lustre to the Korean-style socialism in the political turmoil of the 20th century and against the extreme sanctions and pressure of the US and its vassal forces.

He formulated Songun politics as the basic political mode of socialism for the first time in history and developed the country into a manufacturer and launcher of artificial satellite and possessor of nuclear weapons. He smashed the theory of conjecture of the US and its vassal forces that the DPRK would implode in three days, in three months or in three years, and opened a way to building a powerful socialist country.

Today the DPRK has greeted a heyday of its development under the leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. Not long after he began to lead the country, Hong Kong newspaper Asia Times predicted that Kim Jong Un would surely be recorded as one of the greatest national heroes and patriots in the 5 000-year-long history of Korea. Now it has turned to be true.

To cope with the increasing nuclear threat by the US, Kim Jong Un advanced the line of promoting economic construction and building up the nuclear forces simultaneously, and wisely led the work of perfecting the nuclear forces of the country. Now the country possesses ICBM that can reach the US mainland and H-bomb loadable onto it. As a result, the country attained the status of a power and the global political landscape has changed completely.

As moves for sanctions by the hostile forces are growing more vicious, he leads all the service personnel and people to uphold the banner of self-reliance and self-development.

By fully displaying the spirit of self-development first, they are achieving miraculous successes in developing science and technology and building up the economy one after another and ushering in the Mallima era, an era of new prosperity, thus thwarting the moves for sanctions by the hostile forces.

Western mass media report: Even though the DPRK is under extreme sanctions, its economy is developing; particularly, last year the country achieved rapid growth in its economy to the admiration of the world.

Succeeding the intentions of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, who changed politics into love for the people for the first time in human history, Kim Jong Un has turned the whole society into a large, harmonious family that is united with love and affection.

The reality of the country, in which the people support their leader with loyalty calling him their father and the leader devotes his all for their happiness, cannot but strike the world with wonder.

As it is led by the great leader, socialism of Korea will be invincible forever, I said confidently.

Convincing that, under the wise leadership of the respected supreme leader H.E. Kim Jong Un, the heroic Korean people will definitely win the victory in their struggle for building the socialist power state and for realizing the national reunification, I take this opportunity to express my firm support and solidarity and to their just struggle.

Thank very much for your attention. [kk]

Dr. Tin Tun
Central Institute of Homeopathic Medical Science
Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Yangon, Myanmar

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