DPRK 70th Anniversary

Korea, 70 Years of Resolute Struggle and Inspiring Achievements

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It is the desire of every man, woman and child on our planet to live in peace and security.  Free from invasion, oppression and the constant threat of a war to end all wars.

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Last century saw two of the biggest conflicts ever to be brought upon human kind and they ended with well-intended words that peace would, at last be with us.  Sadly, this was not to be  and our memories grow short and complacent as yet more and more conflicts are waged.

No other country in the world has been at the knife-point of war more than the Korean Peninsula and its people.  That knife being held by invaders and oppressors who seek to control and dominate a piece of land strategic to their own goal of world domination.

And no other country has been held ransom to an enduring peace treaty than Korea - its progress and self-reliance being thwarted at every turn by an imperialistic power who refuse to complete their obligation of peace - and end a war - not with guns or tanks, but with a single pen - a signature that could at last bring about true peace on the Peninsula.

The DPR of Korea could have simply been ‘embargoed’ out of existence but its leaders and people stood defiant.  If peace was not given to them as was their right under international law, then they would create it for themselves!

The west, with their capitalistic and imperialistic control over the media set about to demonise everything the DPR of Korea achieved.  Their ability to stand up to the oppressive powers and create a stable, self-sufficient socialist state simply scared the west - so they retaliated with campaigns to alienate and humiliate, to mis-inform and demonise - while military stockpiling progressed in the background for their own use.

At every opportunity the leaders and people of the DPRK were shown in a light of “the evil empire” perpetuating the myth that a truly peaceful socialist society cannot - and must not exist.  This is a threat to the very values these countries hold dear - wealth, arms building, nuclear superiority and world domination.

It is also a sad and repulsive fact that many other western countries are forced to kow-tow to these powers for fear of themselves being left on the outer, their trade and financial relationships threatened.

In that fair and just world that we all so desperately yearn for, countries like the DPRK should be held up as a model of progression and innovation.  Not only being able to function under these monstrous restrictions - but being able to thrive and grow.

The vision of Kim Il Sung, perpetuated by Kim Jong Il and now being driven by Kim Jong Un is that of prosperity for the Korean people as a unified and independent country taking its rightful place on the world stage amongst equals.

The progress of the DPRK, especially in the past few years has been staggering - and even the western media are finding it difficult to argue against the massive steps forward the country has taken under the guidance of Kim Jong Un.

Kim Il Sung, the Great Leader, Eternal General Secretary and founder of the DPRK took a war-torn and weary country, rallying its people and creating a society based on equality and self-sufficiency.  Instilling a national pride and mobilising the population to stand tall against former occupiers; and set the goals to ensure its continued prosperity well into the future.

The Dear Leader Kim Jong Il inherited a country full of energy and a resolute desire to continue the progressive works of his father.  He guided his people to unexpected new heights of industrialisation and innovation.  Projects opened up all over the country and the DPRK was progressing full steam ahead with Chollima Speed!.

Now in the capable hands of Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un, the DPRK is becoming a show-case to the world for achievement in space aeronautics, not to mention increasing the living standards of every day Koreans.  He continues the peace process despite the continued and unlawful sanctions imposed upon the DPR of Korea, he has demonstrated the country’s prowess at technology and still maintains an open door for long-awaited peace talks.

He has stood firm against the continual and increased provocation of the United States and its side-kicks to taunt and disturb the peace process with illegal and unjust war games.

The world should stand up and take note of these achievements by the three great leaders over the past 70 years, which have seen the people of the DPRK face incredible odds - and still maintain and prosper in defiance of the world’s obsession to see these plans fail.

As a regular, and extremely grateful visitor to the DPRK, I am amazed at the progress the country has made even during the short 14 or so years I have been visiting.  

It has allowed me to take this message of peace and innovation back to my country, to show my fellow countrymen that the DPRK often portrayed in the western media is not the truth - that here lies a country proud of its history, reflective of it’s struggle and determined to achieve in its future.

Congratulations to the People of the DPRK for 70 years of strength, for 70 years of resolute determination and for 70 years keeping the Korean Peninsula - Korean! [kk]

Rev’d Neil Jurgen Fitzgerald
National President
Australia-DPRK Friendship & Cultural Society

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