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Statesman Who Loves His People

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The politics of love for the people pursued by Kim Jong Un, supreme leader of the Democratic People’ s Republic of Korea, is prompting the interest of the international community.

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A research institute of the United States commented in an article introducing the Korean leader’ s political mode that whenever he gives on-site guidance he looks popular and meticulous and always put special emphasis on the livelihood of his people. MS travel agency in Germany wrote in one of its online journals: Love of the people is the starting point of all thinking and activities of Kim Jong Un and the supreme principal of his politics. He regards that the people are the most precious and powerful being in the world and the leader exists for the people.

He has all the outstanding qualities becoming for a leader, and the most characteristic of them is his noble personality and virtue.

When Kim Jong Il, Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, suddenly passed away, the Korean people writhed in painful sorrow at the loss of their leader whom they had believed in as in heaven.

People, young and old, men and women all like, even little children, streamed endlessly to the venues of mourning service in all parts of the country and voluntarily stood in mourning in a biting cold. It was too natural for the Korean people who held him as the fatherly leader. However, Kim Jong Un worried that the people would be frozen and took prompt measures to set up places at the mourning venues to warm themselves drinking hot tea and honeyed water. He also made sure that the people’ s conveniences were regarded absolutely and as the highest priority in organizing the mourning functions.

With each passing day the world became more impressed by Kim Jong Un’ s great affection for the people.

When he visited a school on lunar New Year’ s Day of 2012, he patted the cheeks of the students and took meticulous care of their living conditions. He participated in a meeting of the Korean Children’ s Union held in celebration of its 66th founding anniversary to deliver a congratulatory speech, promising that a thriving socialist country that will be the greatest in the world would be handed down to the rising generation.

While visiting a fun fair he sternly reprimanded the officials for their failure in providing the people with the convenience and benefit. He visited a construction site of a pleasure ground on several occasions to solve all the problems arising in the construction, even sketching on the paper, so as to provide his people with happy life.

The modern dwelling houses built in Changjon Street of central Pyongyang several years ago were given to ordinary working people and educationists free of charge under the meticulous care of Kim Jong Un. He paid unceremonious calls on on the newly-moved families and acquainted himself in detail with their living. Saying that in the Korean-style socialist system the benefits of the people are regarded as absolute matters of the highest priority and the Party and the state adopt all policies for the sake of the people, Kim Jong Un is always solicitous of the interests and well-being of his people. That’ s why the Korean people are greatly fascinated by his endless affection for the people and harbour absolute trust in him.

The DPRK where his politics of love for the people is administered has made epoch-making successes in recent years, thus attracting the attention of the international community. In recent years, such recreational establishments for the people as Okryu Children’ s Hospital and Ryugyong Dental Hospital were built excellently to the world-class standard.

Unha Scientists Street was erected for the scientists and technicians who rendered distinguished services to building up the national strength and the economy and the people’ s living standard; modern apartment buildings equipped with communal  facilities, a small park and indoor resting places were built for the educationists and researchers at Kim Il Sung University, Ryomyong Street, Mirae Scientists’ Street for the Universities and Colleges who are devoting their  all to bringing up the coming generation into the talents  of the country; and dwelling houses were constructed for the athletes and coaches who demonstrated the honour of the country in international games.

Besides, numerous monumental edifies mushroomed all across the country, adding pleasure to the Korean people.

Everything for the people!-All the thoughts and activities of Kim Jong Un are being concentrated.

As the Korean people are holding the respected Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong Un in high esteem, they will achieve the cause of  building of a thriving socialist country, which were the desire of the lifetime of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman of the National Defense Commission Kim Jong Il without fail. [kk]

Harun Ar Rashid
Chairman of Bangladesh-Korea Friendship and Solidarity Committee

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