DPRK 70th Anniversary

DPRK 70th Anniversary Celebrations

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Dear Comrades and Friends.
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On September 9th this year the Korean people led by the glorious Workers Party of Korea will celebrate the historical 70th anniversary of the formation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), and throughout the world all of the progressive and peace forces will join with the Korean people to celebrate this historic and significant event.

To celebrate this historic achievement on a grand scale the joint hosts of the E. Seminar have decided that the topic will be “Korea and its glorious history of development for the last 70 years.”

Over the last 70 years the Korean people under the wise leadership of President Kim IL Sung, General Kim Jong IL and now Marshal Kim Jong Un have defied and repulsed all of the hostile political and military policies of US Imperialism and its vassal forces.

Since its formation the DPRK with the unquestionable loyal support of its people have achieved remarkable feats in the area of science, technology for the construction of the socialist state and the developments of its economy as well as winning a remarkable victory in the Fatherland Liberation War.

Today the DPRK is now recognized as a nuclear state and has developed a nuclear deterrent in the interest of peace and has been successful in starring down and resolutely frustrating all of the machination of US Imperialism and as a result has preserved peace on the Korean peninsula.

More recently and at the invitation of Marshal Kim Jong Un inter-Korean talks have taken place for the success of the recent Winter Olympics. Remaining very confident that the Korean people in future will achieve the national reunification independently by upholding the banner of "By Our Nation Itself", we extend our full solidarity to the Korean people. 

The remarkable successes that DPRK and its people have, achieved over the last 70years are too many to outline in this notice and we firmly believe that this will be done by the participants in their written speeches presented to the E-Seminar mentioned above.

For the success of the upcoming E.Seminar, it will be very much appreciated if written presentations can be prepared and forward to Mr. Teguh Santosa, Secretary General of Indonesia-Korea Friendship and Cultural Exchange at teguh_timur@yahoo.com and to dmw@star-co.net.kp by the mid March (March 24 at latest).

We remain confident that the E-Seminar will proved to a huge success and the remarkable achievements of the DPRK and the Korean people will become more pronounced to the world through the E-Seminar.

With highest regards [kk]

Norma G. Binas
Javed Ansari
Raymond Ferguson

Joint Secretaries
Asia Pacific Regional Committee for Korea’s Peaceful Reunification (APRCKPR)

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