Kim Jong Il, Leader of People

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AS I have been faciliating friendship with Korea for many years, I take the delight in submitting this report to the Asia Pacific Regional E-Seminar “Mt Paektu and Korea today.”

First of all, I would like to begin with the question, “Have you been to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea?”

If yes, what appeals to you most? If not, what do you feel from this question? Let me go on to enumerate: Supreme People’s Assembly, the legislative body of the DPRK, Grand People’s Study House, the elegant building behind KIM IL SUNG Square where the world-startling military parade of the Korean People’s Army and mass demonstration is given, People’s Cultural House, People’s Theatre, Rungna People’s Pleasure Park, Outdoor People’s Ice Rink, etc. These names eloquently reflect the philosophy of politics in Korea and remind us of the politcal leaders of this country.

Leader KIM JONG IL, determined to carry forward the cause of President KIM IL SUNG who enjoyed the boundless admiration and praise of the Korean people and the world progressives, spent every moment of his lifetime for the sake of people. His political conviction and ennobling concept was belief in the people as in the heaven.

Based on the analysis and review of the 100 year long history of ideology of the working class, Leader KIM JONG IL formulated the Juche idea, theories and methodology which were authored and implemented in the whole course of leadership by great President KIM IL SUNG into KIM IL SUNG Ideology, and enriched it with the new ideas and theories reflecting the demand of the times and the aspiration of the people, thus illuminating the way forward for building the society where the independence of the popular masses presides, as desired by them.

Now let me go over to look at the situation on the Korean peninsula. In south Korea, the US and south Korean army have been staging the “Foal Eagle”Joint Military Exercise for 2 months since March 1 and, at the same time it is parallelled by “Key Resolve” from March 13.

What is dangerous here is that they are war games under the simulated conditions of the real nuclear war targeted at the leadership of the DPRK. The USA committed all kinds of strategic weapons and operational groups including the nuclear submarines, nuclear bombers, nuclear aircraft-carrier strike forces which have been deployed around the Korean peninsula and its surroundings to this war game.

Such a touch-and-go situation on the Korean peninsula is not a spointaneous outcome today at all. It is already 64 years since the war game in south Korea started. Besides, after the Armistice Agreement of the Korean War(1950-1953), the countless number of events happened on the Korean peninsula. To take a few examples, the USA armed spy ship “Pueblo”was captured on Jan 23 1968 during espionage after intruding into the territorial waters around Wonsan of the DPRK; a large spy aircraft of the USA, “EC-121” which was meant to aerial reconnaissance was shot down in the air of the DPRK on April 15 1969; the USA MP made the Panmunjom(aka demarcation line) Incident, on August 18 1976 to provoke the war.

On the other hand, the wars were broken out and are still going on in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other parts of the world. This plunged a large number of people into miserable life and the issue of refugee has become one of the biggest challenges to the whole world. Here comes a saying; there is no safe egg under the fallen nest. Nevertheless, the Korean people actually have been enjoying the peaceful and secure life.

Leader KIM JONG IL took the deep insight into the development of the situation of the Korean peninsula and the world practiced Songun politics in every way, out of absolute trust in the people and the army. He further strengthened the People’s Army, established the defense-centered state machinery and reformed and readjusted every sector as required by Songun. Herein Songun literally means putting the military affairs in the first position and its essence lies in attaching importance and priority to the military affairs in the course of accomplishing the cause of independence and socialism of popular masses and pushing ahead with revolution and construction with the army as the core force. He provided the strong military guarantee for safeguarding the system of the Korean people’s choice from the hostile outside forces. Especially, to cope with the grave situation that the US and the imperialists are threatening the security of other countries with the nuclear weapons and feeding the large amounts of nuclear weapons into the Korean peninsula, he chose to build up the nuclear deterrant.

Leader KIM JONG IL drew the big picture of building the socialist thriving nation and laid the solid foundations for it relying on its own power, technology and resources. The socialist thriving nation is the country whose national power is strong, everything is prospering and people live well-off with nothing to envy.

He laid the line of economy-building of the Songun era to developing defense industry on the prior basis while developing light industry and agriculture simultaneously and the policy of giving importance to science and technology. He laid the foundations of self-reliant economy and built the springboard of building the economic and cultural giant.

To reunify the country which has been divided into north and south, he held the north-south summit in June 2000 for the first time of the history of division and enunciated the June 15 Joint Declaration of national independence, unity and aspiration for reunification. This was followed by the action program, October 4 Declaration in 2007.

This opened the bright prospectus for Korea’s reunification and intilled the mindset of the entire Korean people with patriotism and enthusiasm to usher in the times of reunification by joint efforts of one homogeneous nation.

When the movement of socialism was suffering from setback throughout the world, Leader KIM JONG IL upheld the banner of Juche-oriented socialism higher and set up the epochal model of accomplishing the independence of the popular masses, thus encouraging the world progressives with optimism in victory and making great contribution to the development of socialist movement.

Leader KIM JONG IL said that when squeezing his life, there is only one word left, people. Above all, I would like to conclude that Leader KIM JONG IL is the leader of the people and father of the people who developed the ideology and theory to shape the future of the people by, built up the mighty arm to defend their destiny and security with and laid up the foundations for their happiness and welfare while devoting his whole life and wisdom to fulfilling the dream and ideal of mankind.

Today, the Korean people have in the top post the respected HE KIM JONG UN who is identical to the great leader HE KIM JONG IL in every way. Supreme Leader KIM JONG UN said on Jan 1 2017 that on the very first morning of the new year he swears to become a true servant loyal to the people who faithfully supports them with a pure conscience.

I remain assured that as long as the Korean people hold the respected HE KIM JONG UN in the supremacy who loves the people most and devote everything to the people, they will surely build the ideal society that mankind dreams of and aspire after from century to century.

Lastly I appeal to everyone to contribute all the efforts and energy to the success of the 5th International Festival in Praise for the Great Persons of Mt Paektu which is coming up in the forthcoming August when we will mark the 105th birth anniversary of the great President KIM IL SUNG, the 75th birth anniversary of the great leader KIM JONG Il and the 5th anniversary of electing the respected Supreme Leader KIM JONG UN in the top position of the Workers’Party of Korea and the DPRK.

Thank you. . ***

Javed Ansari
Co-Secretary, Asia-Pacific Regional Preparatory committee for “Gathering 2017-Praise to the Great Persons of Mt Paektu”

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