DPRK Protest toward the Propaganda Symposium on Human Rights in Jakarta

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AS  far as we witness with our own eyes what is happening in the so-called "international symposium" and its participants and institutions, it is really a venue in which anti-DPRK smears are being manipulated and instigated by those who are too much hostile towards the DPRK.

In the first place, we strongly condemn organizers and their following institutions with blind eyes.

This symposium is problematic, just because it is now triggering confrontation between the DPRK and the hostile forces as you see and feel.

We are going to clarify our principled stand to you all participants.

Some days ago, the dishonest guy, Sin Dong Hyok, recognized by himself that what he made lots of testimony on the DPRK "human rights"  In the UN General Assembly and other forums was totally  lie and false testimony , which have been used by the US and its vassal forces, including south Korea, "chair  of Inquiry Commission" and "rapporteur" on the DPRK human right situation.

Sin Dong Hyok is one of the defectors whom the US and its hostile forces, south Korea put him up  as what they called “human right fighter” and used him in "human right racket" against the DPRK.

Accordingly, CNNBBCWashington PostNew York Times and even other mass media in the Western countries widely broadcasted that it is too much suspicious on credibility of the "report of Inquiry Commission" and the railroaded "UN resolution" on the DPRK human right which were written on the basis of the perjury and false testimony of the defectors and manipulators.

It is just because either "resolution" of the 69th UN General Assembly on the DPRK human right or, as its basis, "report of the DPRK human rights" were actually based on the false perjury of the defectors manipulated by the US and its puppet, south Korea.

In this sense, the global opinions and protests are voicing loudly that his current confession has just testified the injustice of "resolution on human rights" and the reactionary essence of "report of  Inquiry Commission".

As the defectors exposed that they committed perjury for earning money, while abusing the sacred human right, the foundations of the "report" and "resolution" against our Republic disappeared as well  in terms of their essence.

In particular, the intention of writers of those documents, that is, the chair of "Inquiry commission" and the "rapporteur" manipulated by the US and the West was also exposed at the same time.

Particular mention must be made here of the fact that, by letting the defectors commit  perjury or false testimony,  the US and the hostile forces  mocked the UN and its member  states and that those countries  following the US and the hostile forces in voting because of economic assistance, appeasement and pressure must look at the truth and stand by the side of independence and justice.

Our Government of the Republic and its service personnel and people will keep finding out and exposing the identity of the defectors who have been compelled to run for the "human rights" racket against our Republic.

In this circumstance, we can find now here and there in the world that a number of progressive organizations, politicians  and even individuals made public statements and discourses in protest of the reactionary "human rights" racket and have sent to the UN Human Right High Commissioner, UN Secretary-General and chair of  the UN General Assembly their letters of protest and e-mail messages, saying that the "rapporteur", who  deceived and mocked the UN and its member states,  must be removed and dismissed at once ,and  they must stop immediately the "human rights" racket against the DPRK.

Nevertheless, what are they doing now, still going against the trend?

Some days ago, as we read the newspapers   here,   the US   and   its puppet-like player "rapporteur" Marzuki Darsman are now trying to justify themselves and even the "report" and "resolution" that they made against the DPRK.

On one hand, the hostile forces are making an attempt to manage again the voting-game against our human right situation in the coming 28th meeting of the UN Human right Council in Geneva on March  2-27, aiming at defaming and toppling down our socialist system.

On the other hand, the US has spread the smear film "The Interview" defaming our supreme leadership and inciting state terror,  while linking "Sony Pictures" hacking with us.

It is our principle and consistent stand  to resolutely oppose  any acts for agitating and instigating all sorts of terrorism.

The "freedom of expression" that the US and the West  are talking too much about is, in essence, only  a means to justify their interventions and ideological and cultural infiltrations in others' internal affairs.

In true sense, freedom of expression should be for human beings to defend their dignity and enjoy it and be accompanied with stern responsibility as well.

Any law of every country clearly tells us that there is not only man's right to enjoy, but also obligations to abide by it.

In the long run, it is a sort of  violation of human right to profane at random other religion, divine nature and culture of other nation, ignore or praise such acts, while abusing freedom of express. That is why we urge that this must be condemned  and rejected.

Moreover, all acts by which they profane the supreme dignity of a sovereign state at random and instigate openly   state terrorism under the pretext of  "freedom of expression" are the desperate violation of the right to sovereignty and the human right.

So, the  patronage  of  such  acts  is  the very one to incite and assist  terrorism.

Therefore, "the interview" is,  in any case, the violation of sovereignty and human rights.

This vividly testifies a hundred times that right is our principled stand that human right is, so to speak, the right to state.

Accordingly, there can be no dual standard in the issue of human right, and the US and its following hostile forces must dismantle their smear and racket of our human right and  discontinue at once their hostile policy  towards the DPRK.

In this regard, as the US and its followers are making an attempt to manage again  the voting game against our human right situation in the coming 28th meeting of the UN Human right Council in Geneva in March,  aiming at defaming and toppling down our socialist system, the DPRK and its service personnel and people will resolutely respond to the enemy's smear campaigns to the end at any cost, no matter how the international situation may change.

We take this opportunity to well advice  you all to hear cautiously the voices of the peace-loving people on this planet, not to listen to how the "rapporteur" Marzuki Darsman and the south Korean national commission of human right are mocking the conscience-minded people, while instigating  the human right racket against the DPRK.

They should mind their own business, not to interfere in others' affairs.

We make it clear that to support the hostile forces such as "rapporteur" and south Korean puppets with constitutional rejection symptoms in the issue of human right against the DPRK will, no doubt, trigger confrontation, conflict and even war.

The purpose of this symposium is just to spread the distorted rumors, putting together  Asian nations with Indonesia as a core  in the issue of the DPRK human right.

All of you must know that this kind of meeting will be obviously going against the aspirations of the progressive mankind.

We as the Korean people will resolutely react against and mete out punishment to all acts of profaning the human right of socialist Korea at random.

What I am to emphasize is as following:

Every year, the hostile forces used to hold symposiums or meetings against the DPRK just ahead of  the meeting of the UN Human Right Council in Geneva or the UN.

Indonesia  is considered by the Korean people as  a good country that has the traditional relations of friendship, but  This kind of symposium is being held in the land of Indenesia.

To allow or ignore the hostile forces to have such a meeting here in Jakarta is translated into the fact that Indonesia is just like to join the moves of those dishonest forces.

Especially speaking, We are afraid that such a symposium is a place where the issue of the DPRK human right is discussed; in this case we have to be informed at first, but we never got the information about it.

If the symposium is to be held as it is, it will badly affect the political relations between the two countries.

It is late, but our demand is to stop it immediately.

If it is impossible to disperse the meeting, the title of the symposium must be a general symposium of human right improvement, but why it is on the DPRK human right.  The title must be changed.

As long as there is discussion, we have to take part in it , we have to clarify our principle and stand.

We demand that Indonesian Academy of Science, National Human Right Commission, Indonesian Mission to the ASEAN Inter-governmental Human Right Commission and others should take it into consideration and take an immediate measure. KawanKorea

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