A Great Fortune for the World Progressive Humanity

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His Excellency KIM JONG UN
Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea
Chairman of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Esteemed Your Excellency,
We have the honour to present you this letter after the International E-seminar held to mark the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Workers’ Party of Korea under the theme of “Korea: Ever-Victorious with Independence”.

On this occasion we present warm greetings of congratulation to Your Excellency KIM JONG UN who adds luster to the Workers’ Party of Korea as a guiding force of the era of independence.

At present the imperialists’ high-handedness and maneuverings for the domination over the sovereign states and intervention in their internal affairs coupled with continued natural disasters and global health crisis are now making the international situation unprecedentedly unstable and plunging many people into suffering and distress.

Despite the worldwide struggles for achieving the sovereignty of the country and the nationand the right to existence the desire of humanity for living a happy life in a peaceful and prosperous world is yet far from being fulfilled.

Only the Workers’ Party of Korea, holding fast to the justness of its cause and maintaining it as its way of existence to serve the people devotedly, is displaying the dignity of the state and strongly leading the people along the road of independence.

It was testified in the seminar through the high voice affirming the inevitable victory of the Workers’ Party of Korea in its struggle for building a prosperous socialist state on its own resources.

In the seminar recollecting the revolutionary life and exploits of President KIM IL SUNG and Great Leader KIM JONG IL for the founding and strengthening of the Workers’ Party of Korea and for the achievement of the cause of independent of humanity, we paid our homage to them.

It is a great fortune for the world progressive humanity, as well as the Korean people, that the cause of the previous leaders is being succeeded perfectly by Your Excellency KIM JONG UN.

The people in their struggle for a new society are greatly inspired by the epochal events being made in the international arena by Your Excellency’s will to keep peace and the victorious advance of the Korean-style socialism along the road of independence under your leadership.

In particular, the world people are greatly impressed by Your Excellency’s devotional activities of frequently visiting the disaster areas and commanding the rehabilitation at the head in an ardent desire to get the people out of the sufferings and distress caused by the recent heavy natural calamities as soon as possible.

Therefore, the world progressive humanity expresses high respect and praise to Your Excellency KIM JONG UN for your ardent love for the people, outstanding politics of independence and unrivaled diplomatic disposition.

As long as it is led by Your Excellency and the people follow the Party with absolute trust, victory is always in store for the Workers’ Party of Korea.

We will continue to give active support to the Workers’ Party of Korea in its struggle for the independent development of the country and the peace and prosperity of the world and are firmly convinced that the forth coming 8th Congress of the WPK would be a historical congress for expediting the final victory in building a powerful socialist state.

We sincerely wish Your Excellency KIM JONG UN a good health and a new success in yourimportant work for the prosperity of the country and the peace and stability of the world.

With best regards

On behalf of All the Participants of the International E-seminar “Korea: Ever-Victorious with Independence”

Co-Chairpersons of Organizing Committee of the International Festival in Praise of theGreat Persons of Mt. Paektu

Peter Woods,
Co-Chair, Asia-Pacific Regional Committee for Korea's Peaceful Reunification

Rachmawati Soekarnoputri,
Founder, Soekarno Foundation for Education

Damian Ogbonna,
Chairman, African Committee for Friendship and Solidarity with the Korean People

Yahia Zakaria Khiralla,
Co-Chairman, Arab Committee for Friendship and Solidarity with the Korean People

Jesus Antonio Carlos Hernandez,
1st Vice-chairman, Latin American and Caribbean Regional Committee for Korea's Reunification

Victor Petrov,
Chairman,Russian Association for Friendship and Cultural Cooperation with the DPRK

Anders Kristensen,
Chairman, Denmark-DPRK Friendship Association

Fumihiro Himori,
Chairman, Japan Committee of Supporting for the Independent Peaceful Reunification of Korea

October 5, 2020
Jakarta, Indonesia