The Line of Independence of the WPK has become an Ever-victorious Treasured Sword

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NOW, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is creating one suprising event after another, drawing the world's attention.

The mettle and spirit of the DPRK that is negotiating with the "sole superpower" in the world on its own terms is striking the world with wonder. This can be considered a momentous event that only the fortress of independence, the DPRK, can carry out.

Independence is the cradle of modern Korea and its life with which it has advanced socialism along the road resplendent with victory.

Since its founding (October 10, 1945), the Workers' Party of Korea has adhered to the line of independence for over 70 years unswervingly. Guided by this line in its building and activities, the Party has defended the dignity and destiny of the Korean people, achieved brilliant successes in socialist construction, and remarkably raised the country's strategic position and influence in the world.

Korea had long been a country coveted by big countries; its people were subjected to humiliation and sufferings.

Thanks to the WPK's strategic decision to put an end to the long-drawn-out nuclear threat by the hostile forces and its iron will to make the country an invincible one advancing by its own strength, the DPRK has provided a powerful physical strength with which to defend the country's sovereignty and its right to existence and development.

The line of independence of the WPK rapidly increased the potentiality for development of the state and opened up a golden age of prosperity with that might.

To look back upon the course of development of the DPRK, it has been under the constant sanctions and pressure by the dominationist forces, but the present sanctions and pressure are harsh enough to exterminate one state, one nation. Their sanctions and pressure are aimed not simply at disintegrating the public sentiments and overthrowing the system by creating extreme economic difficulties.

The ulterior motive is to destory the self-supporting economic structure of the DPRK to its very foundation and its development potentiality, reducing it to its useful appendage and outpost for achieving supremacy in the world.

While unfolding a grand blueprint for building an economic giant, the WPK emphasized that the principle of relying on the way and strength of the country must be applied in a thoroughgoing way. When doing so, it knew full well how difficult the road of independence would be.

Only his road would enable the people to become legitimate masters of their destiny, conceive bright ideas for overtaking the developed countries at a go and beating the world, and achieve one great leap forward after another.

The line of independence of the WPK has become an ever-victorious treasured sword that brings victorious advance in State building and activities, because it enjoys absolute support and trust of the Korean people.

Trust in the people constitutes the basis of the independent politics of the WPK. The WPK has applied the politics of attaching importance to people and loving them as the guideline in its building and activities.

Even though they have experienced indescribable hardships and trials, the Korean people have always trusted and followed the WPK and devoted their heart and soul into turning its plans and decisions into reality.

As the WPK has led the implementation of the line of independence and the Korean people have supported the line, the Party is strong and the DPRK is demonstrating its might as a powerful nation of independence.

Independence is justice and justice is sure to win- this is a law of the development of history.

The DPRK, a powerful nation of independence, will continue to achieve remarkable successes and victories that cannot be predicted by means of ready-made political concepts or economic figures.