The Future Successful Development in the DPR Korea is Firmly Guaranteed by Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un

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 RESPECTED Great Leader Comrade KIM IL SUNG founded the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on 9 September Juche 37 (1948) on the basis of the ever victorious Juche Idea as an independent socialist state, a beacon of hope for all mankind. He transformed the Anti-Japanese revolutionary army into the Korean People’s Army to defend the sovereignty of the country with maximum power. He fought the Fatherland Liberation War against the most powerful aggressive forces of the imperialists and finally achieved a great victory to reliably defend the sovereignty of the country and masses upholding the torch of independence.

Great General KIM JONG IL firmly defended the sovereignty during the Arduous March and the forced March laying a solid foundation for continued maximum independent politics and won the great admiration of those peoples that aspire after independence.

Highly esteemed Marshal KIM JONG UN further strengthened the might of the DPRK by successfully introducing nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles and thus laid the firm guarantee for successfully defending the sovereignty of the country and independent politics for the future prosperity of the people.

Rodong Sinmun in an article on Sunday 20 September Juche 109 (2020) stated:

“The DPRK is demonstrating its might as the most dignified and powerful independent state. A powerful independent state is a country which fully exercises its sovereignty, free from pressure or restriction by anyone in its state building and activities.

It is the exploits of our Party in building a dignified and powerful independent state that it has brought up our people to be strong in their independent spirit and achieved the invincible single-minded unity which firmly guarantees independent politics.

It has also provided the invincible military capability for self-defence and the firm foundation for the self-supporting economy which can withstand any hardships.

Today, the DPRK, having Supreme Leader KIM JONG UN in high esteem, is further demonstrating its might as a powerful independent state.

Brilliant  plans  for  developing  the  country  have  been  unfolded  by  the  unique  idea  of KIM JONG UN and the strength and prestige of Juche Korea displayed under his outstanding leadership. It is our people's great pride and honour that they are living and carrying out revolution as citizens of a powerful independent state, holding him, the great personifier of the independent idea and guardian of justice, in high esteem.

The DPRK, a country of the single-minded unity where the Party and the people are united closely around the leader and the Juche idea is thoroughly embodied in overall state building and activities, will shine forever as a dignified and powerful independent state.”

So we can conclude that the future successful development in the DPR Korea is firmly guaranteed by respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and a happy and prosperous future awaits the next generations.