Korea: Ever Victorious with Independence

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THE nation of Korea under the leadership of the Chairman KIM JONG UN is a nation which is Independent. Not only is it independent but it shares in the pride of being a nation which has successfully been resilient in the face of much larger and stronger nations. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (조선민주주의인민공화국) is the hope to which Koreans look for as an example of strength.

A nation which has not given in to the intimidation of the brutal conquerors, a nation which has, despite a virtual monopoly in the banking and corporate sectors, has maintained its financial independence. Korea maybe divided and closed to the world, but the open hearts of her citizens revel in the astonishing accomplishments the nation has achieved despite many adversities.

When President KIM IL SUNG inherited the nation of Korea, the nation was in turmoil. The foreign interference brought upon by interests sought to and successfully provoked a war to which tarnished the great legacy of the Allied Victory over the Axis Powers.

From the first instance President KIM IL SUNG fought for the very survival of the nation during the Korean War. This was a war that saw much of the land devastated.

Amongst various atrocities and deaths, the Korean nation under President KIM IL SUNG’s witness the surviving heroes of the conflict honoured and placed with command which symbolises the shared plight and celebration of the Korean people. Although victory was won at the cost of many causalities; the spirit and heart of Korea was left unchallenged. Today the war serves as a reminder to all of the strength of the Koreans to fight for their identity.

A free and independent Korea has been the goal of all Koreans throughout the storied history of the nation. During the Samurai Invasions of Korea from A.D. 1592-1598, the mighty soldiers of Japan were cut down and curbed from the Righteous Armies (의병).

These civilian resistance groups have been present even before the Mongol Conquests under Genghis Khan, but with the destruction of the Japanese military is an amazing accomplishment. Such an example demonstrates and rings throughout all history that the spirit of resistance is manifested through the will of the people and decided not by the simple expeditionary forces of any power.

These men can be also said to be found to have guaranteed the Independence from foreign occupation for centuries. These armies were formed from either members of a disbanded guard or of Confucian scholars or simply from amongst the farmers. All members of Korean society have shown their willingness to defend their nation from foreign occupation and a refusal to capitulate as many have across the world.

As we can see in the world today, Korea has the risk of again being overrun by foreign interests, whether they are banking or military. It is hoped that with the direction of Chairman KIM JONG UN, the nation of Korea is steered away from once again falling into foreign hands.

Additionally, it is also the hope of the Korean people that by the leadership of the Chairman KIM JONG UN, the Korean nation is sought to be reunified and if unified without the influence of a foreign nation, Korea will finally represent itself as a nation willing to test the resolve, economically and military, to that of China and Japan.

A Korea which is looked upon as being the dominant power in East Asia. It can be seen that by the current Independence of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which has been led by President KIM IL SUNG, General KIM JONG IL and by again the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission KIM JONG UN, serves as a testament to a people’s long historical tradition of maintaining freedom and independence.

Therefore as the bright sun rises upon the Korean Peninsula, a future of a unified Korea stretching from the Korea strait to around Mount Paektu, which is fully independent and free, is one which the resolve of the Korean people over the past centuries, shall eventually be led towards.

The memory of the Kingdom led by Dangun (단군왕검) all those centuries ago is demonstrative of this very resolve and as the memory has stayed alive, so proves that there shall be a strong and independent Korea in the time yet to come.