KFA International Meeting Held Successfully

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THE biggest ever KFA International Meeting was held in the Belgian city of La Louviere on the 15th of November. It was attended by delegations from Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Ireland, Poland , Singapore , US, Thailand and Spain (including Catalonia, Valencia and the Basque Country).

Some countries sent delegations of up to 6 people. The UK was represented by KFA Official Delegate Dermot Hudson and Theo Russell. The DPRK Ambassador to the UK comrade Hyon Hak Bong was there and also the director for Europe of the Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign comrade Ryu Kyong Il.

The atmosphere was very exciting indeed. It was great to see so many different KFA delegations with so many people there. Our delegation was able to hold meetings with different delegations.

The meeting was opened by Alejandro Cao De Benos the president of the KFA . He expressed thanks to Belgium KFA and its official delegate Jan Cassier for making the meeting possible. Alejandro said that the theme of the meeting was "Great leader comrade Kim Jong Il is the lighthouse of humankind".

As it is the 3rd anniversary of the passing way of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il, KFA had set the period of November 15th to December 17th as a special period of mourning with an internet symposium.

Alejandro stressed that General Kim Jong Il is the modern revolutionary hero who defended the country from imperialist aggression.

The last instruction of great generalissimo Kim Jong Il was to recommend dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un as successor. Alejandro sternly said that traitors should follow the fate of Jang Song Thaek. Trever Artiz Hill international commissar of the KFA stressed it was the biggest ever KFA meeting held.

Songun is the most revolutionary idea and we should learn from Korea and its great leaders as they achieved many things such as a country free from crime.

Ryu Kyong Il director for Europe of the Korean Committee For Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries said that he was glad to be there. KFA has existed for 14 years and has helped the Korean people in their socialist construction.

Now the Korean people are creating new miracles and innovations at the new Korean speed under the leadership of dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un. The DPRK stands in confrontation with the US and the US imperialists have intensified their hostile policy. The US and south Korea are constantly carried out aggressive exercises. The "human rights offensive" launched by the US imperialists is an insult to the dignity of the DPRK.

This theme was taken up by comrade Hyon Hak Bong the DPRK Ambassador to the UK who also handles relations with Belgium. he Ambassador made an excellent speech He said it was great to be amongst friends, the KFA. They had held numerous meetings with politicians of the EU over the "human rights " exercise.

Ambassador Hyon said that the DPRK is open to dialogue with the EU over the issue but will never tolerate anyone infringing on their sovereignty or trying to undermine their system.

The US imperialists have cooked up the human rights issue because they failed over the nuclear issue. Because the DPRK is guided by the Juche Idea which stipulates that man is the master there are be no such thing as human rights violations in the DPRK.

He said that some EU politicians had seemed nervous asking what would the DPRK do if the UN resolution was passed. Ambassador Hyon said that the US imperialists had reneged on the September 19th 2005 nuclear agreement so after that the Korean people and KPA took measures to strengthen the deterrent force. He said that final victory will belong to the Korean people. He concluded with the hope that KFA will redouble its solidarity and increase its actions in support of the DPRK.

Speeches were read out from countries whose representatives were absent; Bangladesh, Brazil, Norway and Switzerland.

There were so many excellent speeches made by KFA delegates and officials . Space does not put us to reproduce all over them. Just a few highlights from the speeches. Ulrich Larsen KFA Official Delegate in Denmark said that they were always promised by journalists that they would write the truth about the DPRK but this never happened.

The head of Polish KFA Lukasz said Poland was one of the first countries to recognise the young DPRK. Polish leader General Woijech Jaruielski who passed away recently had met the great leader President Kim Il Sung in 1984 and had done a lot for Poland-DPRK relations. The speech of KFA Official Delegate to the UK will be published later.

The meeting adopted a letter to the dear respected leader Marshal Kim Jong Un and presented a gift to him. Awards were made to KFA ODs, Officials and activists.

Our delegation held a meeting with KFA President Alejandro Cao De Benos and also with the delegation of KFA Ireland who had 3 people at the meeting. UK KFA will press ahead with the tasks of setting up regional branches and appointing Zone Delegates.

All in all a great meeting with real dynamism and vibrancy . Let us translate into real successes in building UK KFA. It is a pity that more UK KFA members could not have attended the meeting. kawankorea

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